Custom Roofing Services

Custom roofing services demand high quality construction and a knowledgeable staff. Gary Fox Roofing of Newport Beach, CA provides the highest quality materials to match not only the environment of your home, but also the neighborhood in which your home resides. Our company is committed to designs that are unique and specific to your needs.


The best homes in Orange County deserve the top roofing company around. Gary Fox Roofing works with a handful of high quality manufacturers to ensure that your design is the most durable, reliable and spectacular roof available. Our straightforward teams provide reasonable and realistic quotes for your custom roof. Our designs are guaranteed to match your specifications and requirements.


Custom roofing services require careful design and material specifications. Our knowledgeable and reliable staff will walk through each step to ensure that your new custom roof meets with your standards and qualifications. We will continue to work until you are absolutely satisfied with your custom roof design.


Custom roofing solutions require more detail and quality craftsmanship. One needs to be walk through all different types and the pro’s and con’s for each type. Please contact Gary Fox Roofing to set your consultation and we’ll help you do the rest.