Professional Roof Repair &  Maintenance

Gary Fox Roofing of Newport Beach, CA offers superior repairs and maintenance on a variety of roofs. From inspection, installation, and upkeep, Gary Fox Roofing guarantees the highest quality workmanship, the top grade materials, and the most reliable employees available. Additionally, any clients will receive a 100% money back guarantee for any roof leak not repaired as promised.

Gary Fox Roofing is committed to roof repair in the OC CA area. Our company has a history of expertise in inspecting and repairing damaged roof tiles of all types. Also, we provide our clients with not only the finest materials for their repair, but also a clean, efficient restoration by the most highly skilled professionals in the roofing business. Gary Fox Roofing is dedicated to providing a safe and secure repair for your damaged roof.

Furthermore, Gary Fox Roofing provides roof tune-up and maintenance for all types and styles of roofs. We inspect for problem areas, such as cracked or damaged tiles. Additionally, we seal vents and flushings, preventing leaks and damage that might occur in the future. Also, we remove a variety of debris, such as leaves, branches, and other plant material in order to maintain the durability of your roof. Gary Fox Roofing is determined to deliver the foremost roof maintenance service in the OC CA area for our clients.

Our services are of high quality, our materials are top grade, and our servicemen are unrivaled in the business. When in need of roof repair and roof maintenance, look to the company that can meet your roofing needs the best: Gary Fox Roofing.