Roof Replacement

Although service and maintenance of your current roof is our specialty, Gary Fox Roofing also offers roof replacement for badly damaged roofs or those in need of an upgrade. We advise you on the roof replacement options to fit your needs and expertly match the style and materials to your home. Our company provides the most knowledgeable and reliable employees in the area for roof replacements. Gary Fox Roofing relies on only quality materials from reputable manufacturers.


Our staff of knowledgeable personnel can advise and recommend the most appropriate, quality materials available. Gary Fox Roofing of Newport Beach, CA (the west side of Orange County) chooses to work with only the most credible and reputable manufacturers of roofing material in the area. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that your new roof will not only match the style of your home, but also the material in which your home is constructed.


Gary Fox Roofing ensures that your roof replacement will be practical and cost efficient. Our goal is to make sure that an authentic, reasonable, and accommodating construction is completely available to our customers. We pride ourselves on the durability and practicality of your construction. When looking for a well-known and straightforward roofing service, look no further than Gary Fox Roofing.


We prefer to service and maintain your existing roof with tune-ups and repairs. But when the roof life is past due, we professionally advise you on your options. When it comes to getting a new roof or replacing your your existing roof for your home or business, finding a roofing contractor who knows what they are doing and does it well is half of the battle. Gary Fox Roofing you will find just that. When it comes to re-roofing we only use a small handful of manufactures to accomplish this. When it comes to roofing we believe that quality is better than quantity. Rather than trying to be everything to everybody we just do what we do best over and over again. When calling us for an opinion on what type of roof should you use you can bet we will only recommend the top roofing material manufacturers in the business.