Roof Wood Repair / Termite Repair

Like no other service available, Gary Fox Roofing of Newport Beach, CA provides roof wood repair and termite damage repair. In Southern California, wood repair and termite damage are expected at some point in the life of your home. Gary Fox Roofing not only affords for an efficient and reliable replacement of wood structures, but also a dependable and timely repair of pest-damaged areas. When inspection companies need the assistance of a professional, they call Gary Fox Roofing.


Gary Fox Roofing specializes in the repair and replacement of roof tiles and wood structures. We replace all types of wood structures, such as Fascia board, Starter board, and Rafter Tails. Our team of dedicated employees handles wood repair and replacement with the highest skill and professionalism in the business. Honesty and efficiency are key to our services.


Also, Gary Fox Roofing provides termite damage repair. For any homeowner, one of the most distressing aspects of ownership is the discovery of termite damage. Our company seeks to provide a quick and painless repair for any termite damaged reported. Our word of mouth reliability and exceptional workmanship offers the best wood repair experience in all of the area.