The folks at Gary Fox Roofing offer roof maintenance, repair, tune-ups, replacement and maintenance within Huntington Beach, California and surrounding areas. As licensed roofing contractors, our company has been serving the Huntington Beach community for over 40 years. Our expert roofing services help Huntington Beach businesses and homeowners to stay dry. Huntington Beach is a popular seaside city found in Orange County, California. The reason why 190,000 people live here is because it’s at the beach and it also has a thriving community. That makes “Surf City” incredibly interesting and unique, and that’s a crucial aspect to consider if you want to move to or work in such a place. On top of that, Huntington Beach has approximately 9.5 miles of beach.



Huntington Beach Wave


The climate here is mild and that means you can enjoy surfing, exploring the beautiful beach and the seaside culture most of the year. So you can imagine that a lot of people want to visit this location and enjoy all that it has to offer.



Just like most of Orange County, Huntington Beach was initially occupied by the Tongva people. A European settlement was created here around the 1750s.



The pier in Huntington Beach was created in 1904 and it was, at least originally, a very long structure made out of timber. Two years after that the city inaugurated a school. The residents managed to build up quite a community with more schools and plenty of interesting establishments ever since.



Huntington Beach has a semi-arid climate and low precipitation. On occasion, this city will get the brunt of a few winter storms. This is one reason why the roofing industry is so important to Huntington Beach businesses and residents.



Another thing to note about Huntington Beach is that it’s located very close to a structure that had a lot of oil. There was a lot of oil here for a very long time, but recent oil wells and platforms have left the location somewhat depleted. They are still extracting oil, but at a low rate. A few floating oil platforms can be seen when looking towards Catalina.



Huntington Beach Boardwalk


That being said, aside from the oil business, there’s also an industrial district for the city and there’s also a major Boeing installation in the city. Huntington Beach is also home to the Cambro Manufacturing headquarters.



In the end, Huntington Beach is a great place to live in as it does have some astounding opportunities. And thanks to its location it can also be an astounding place to visit during vacation. Yes, it can get crowded in the summer, but it’s still an exciting location to explore.



In Conclusion

So, as you can see, Huntington Beach, CA is an exciting community for its guests and residents (all who want to stay safe and dry). The Gary Fox Roofing roofers are tightly integrated into this beach community, having repaired hundreds of roofs here over the past 40-plus years. If you are a resident or business owner in Huntington Beach, CA then please give us a call and we will help you with your roofing needs.