Sunset Beach

Gary Fox Roofing offers roof repair and maintenance, replacement and tune-ups  within Sunset Beach of Orange County, California and surrounding areas. As a licensed roofing contractor, our company has been serving the Sunset Beach community for over 40 years. Our expert roofing services help OC businesses and homeowners stay dry.

California is full of many impressive places to live, none more so than Orange County. However, as anyone who knows the OC will know, there are many special parts of this region that you may wish to come and investigate. One of the most popular places now is the Huntington Beach area beachfront community over at Sunset Beach.

Established over a century ago in 1904, it has become a flourishing little community. With a population of just 971, it’s a small area and a really personal, friendly location. The discovery of oil in the Huntington Beach Oil Field led to the rapid development of Sunset Beach, meaning that it would become a bustling hub of activity and interesting things to do and see.

In terms of the community itself, the location is quite a diverse place, with an impressively diverse racial make-up. With 100% of people in the area living in households, it’s a location that gives people the chance to settle in and build a little bit of personal space for themselves and their families to enjoy.

It’s also quite a young place, with around 13% of the families here having children under the age of 18. As such, this is a location that is suited for people raising a young family. Also, it’s a very impressive and open-minded place, with plenty of households made of individuals of all backgrounds, ages, and lifestyles. With the average family size being just under 3 people per household, too, this is a location where a lot of families are a single child affair (with a fair amount of roofs to repair – did that rhyme?).

What is there to do in Sunset Beach?

In terms of the economy of the area, Sunset Beach, CA has a large choice of retail establishments. A big part of the community, though, is their rich and diverse range of restaurants and bars. For example, the popular Captain Jack’s branch is here, which is run by Jack Haley Senior, a noted and successful surfer.

Outside of the bar and restaurant game, there is a significant cultural enjoyment that exists around Sunset Beach. People come here to enjoy the Mother’s Day Sunset Beach Art Festival. It’s a major part of the community, with thousands raised annually and sent off to various local charities.

It’s an area with a huge amount to enjoy in terms of small recreational experiences, but it’s mostly a place for those who love the outdoors. With one of the widest beaches in southern California, it’s a location that allows for you to enjoy the beach life.

It’s a fun place to be, with ample enjoyment waiting for you here. If you are someone who would like to enjoy living in a small community that brings people together and offers plenty of open spaces to explore & relax in, then Sunset Beach, CA, might just be the ideal place for you.

In Conclusion

So, as you can see Sunset Beach, CA is an exciting community for its visitors and residents (all who want to stay safe and dry). The Gary Fox Roofing roofers are tightly integrated into this community, having repaired hundreds of roofs here over the past 40-plus years. If you are a resident or business owner in Sunset Beach, CA then please give us a call and we will help you with your roofing needs.